Keren Alderson

Timothy Smith

About Us

I DO I DO is the specialist design house for the wedding industry. We understand the subtleties of design, and specifically design for women after all, our chief designer is a woman.

We are experienced, unique, creative, passionate about what we do, competitive, and downright friendly!

Keren Alderson - Director / Web Designer

Keren, a co-founder of I DO I DO, is a creative and entrepreneurial New Zealander with a passion for design and customer satisfaction. She has a background in Corporate Account Management and has trained in both Digital Media and Interior Design, skills she uses to good effect in her role as Web Designer.

She combines her desire to use high quality design to deliver elegant business websites for the wedding industry with a surprising (for her at least) enjoyment of clean, W3C standard compliant code, and has been known to have entire dreams in CSS!

Keren blogs at Wedding Gown Town, a project that we're very excited about and hope to have more news on soon.

Timothy Smith - Managing Director

Tim, a co-founder of I DO I DO, is focused on providing real business benefits through intelligent use of technology. He gained extensive experience in I.T. at Marconi - latterly as a Business Systems Analyst, and is committed to using those skills to meet customer requirements by delivering attractive, robust websites. He has an honours degree in Physics from Southampton University.

He is obsessive about adhering to web standards and accessibility principles, and is meticulous in his quest for well written code. He, however, has never been known to dream about either!

In the Press

I DO I DO was featured in the September/October edition of Bridal Buyer, a leading wedding trade magazine. View the Bridal Buyer article pdf (599 Kb)

View the Bridal Buyer article as an html file.