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Why Does Good Design Matter?

First impressions count. Your website is your company’s shop window, and in the wedding business more than any other, elegance matters.

A well designed site will help you compete more effectively with overseas internet traders, a part of the wedding industry which is putting wedding professionals under increasing pressure. Ideally, your website should conjure up a similar experience to walking into your showroom.

How can design help businesses?

According to the British Design Council, on average, design alert businesses increase their market share by 6.3% through design. Those in the retail sector saw an increase in market share of 6.9%...

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Do Visitors Trust Your Website?

Building trust online is essential if your web marketing efforts are going to pay off. Attracting visitors is great, but to convert them to customers, you have to firmly establish your credibility.

How do people assess credibility?

According to a study by Stanford University, almost half of web users assess a sites credibility based on the appeal of the overall design, including layout, typography, and colour scheme. The look and feel may be the first and most important test of your site's credibility, but a number of factors come into play...

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