Web Design

Perhaps you need a brand new website, or have an existing site that needs a facelift. At I DO I DO, we produce bespoke websites individually tailored to meet your specific needs – nothing is off the peg.

After all, every business has its own unique style, logo and branding. The design is about you and your customers. It has to create the right impression of your business, help differentiate you from your competitors, and highlight your special areas of expertise.

I Do I Do Web Design
Information gathering

The first thing we do is ask you to fill out our enquiry form (or if you prefer to answer a few questions over the telephone) to help us understand your business and what you need from your website.

Who are you?

We ask you to tell us what your business is, who you are targeting, and what style and feel you are aiming for. Most importantly, we ask you to tell us about your likes and dislikes, and for a list of any websites you admire or think are fashion disasters!

Face to face

We then arrange a face to face consultation to explore various ideas and clarify any areas of uncertainty. We also help you to make decisions about what you want within the budget you have – sometimes you may need to be made aware of the pros and cons of a particular technology, e.g. some clients like websites made entirely with Flash without realising that besides being expensive to develop, it makes your website much harder for Search Engines to index.

The design process

The next stage is the design process, where our talented designer takes all the information you’ve given us, and translates that into a potential design. This is an image of your potential home page (and any extra explanation that is necessary) which is given to you for your approval. Once we’ve come up with a design you are happy with, we then move on to the web development stage.